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Places of interest


Paseo Marítimo

Pedestrian area located next to Islantilla Beach. It is 1400 meters long and has 16 accesses to the beach.

In the months of July and August it is common to find craft stalls along its entire length.

Fantasy Walk

Paseo De La Fantasía

The fantasy walk is part of the Project Islantilla Innova +, a virtual and augmented reality program with film and animation characters with which you can take photos: Lisa Simpson, Ladybug, dinosaur, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Minecraft, Frozen, Star Wars, download the mobile App for free «Islantilla Innova +».

Hall of Fame

Paseo De La Fama

Walk dedicated to the most outstanding personalities in the world of cinema who have left their mark on their time in the world. Bajo La Luna International Film Festival (Islantilla Cineforum) celebrated during the summer season.

'El Camaleón' Park


Augmented nature park located in the upper part of Islantilla. This adapted natural space respects the beauty of the native landscape of the area, of its head. It has an open-air auditorium, trails, viewpoint, gastrobar, children's areas, picnic areas, sports, cultural and active leisure areas. etc

Islantilla Active Center

Centro Activo Islantilla
Cultural space where screenings of short and feature films take place. Under the Moon International Film Festival.

Congress and Exhibition Palace


It is located in the Ohtels Islantilla hotel. It has capacity for more than a thousand spectators and two theaters.

Cabezos Park

Parque Cabezos

Pedestrian path with a length of 3.7 km, approximately one hour long and of low difficulty with spectacular panoramic views of Islantilla beach. The entire route will be on asphalt, presenting an area of ups and downs. bordering the entire golf course route.

Río Frío Avenue Trail

Sendero Av
Pedestrian path with a length of 3.7 km, less than an hour and low difficulty. It runs on both concrete and grass. It is a route that visually serves as a turning point between the natural green of Los Cabezos, the golf course and the urban area.

Islantilla Zipline

Tirolina Islantilla

From the north tower of CC La Hacienda we can enjoy the longest urban zip line in Europe, which crosses the “El Camaleón” Park, with two people being able to slide at the same time since it has a double rail.

Golf course

Campo De Golf

Islantilla has one of the best courses in the province in a wonderful landscape environment. It has the possibility of enjoying 3 golf circuits of 9 holes each. The course is designed to offer different degrees of difficulty.